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We call this yarn Alchemy because it was our "yarn gold".  It's a skin-so-soft yarn from graded young fleeces combined with a little silk for a luxurious fiber experience.  A farm produced Treasure!

We produce it in two ounce skeins to keep the price reasonable for a product with a silk content, but also to make it easy to get into a multi-colored project.

Who can resist silk in all its luxury.  Chivalry is one of our newest yarn lines; we love it! 
This is an ultra soft, high luster, naturally bumpy yarn.  It is made with noil silk - that is all the silk strands that are unalike what the harvester is looking for.  So, noil creates a completely natural expression as a fiber.

Make something exquisite and timeless with Chivalry!
Pendragon is our entrance into the Superwash Merino movement.   

This is definitely one of our most popular yarns.  Its so practical for its soft touch, wash ability, and breezy-bouncy character.  We hope you enjoy our presentation of this fiber as we focus on excellent color saturation and intensity.
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