Color Gallery
The color gallery has a dual purpose.  The first use is as a color reference to our dye work.  The colors below will be used on many yarns, as solids, and in combination with other colors in rainbow dyed yarns.  Please feel free to inquire about anything you see.  The second purpose is to display our Celtic Yarn Knots.  This is a three yarn product.  It is Merlin, Morgain, and Round Table Yarns all dyed together for a harmonious color effect with an emphasis on different textures.  These are all worsted weight yarns with a feature of mohair in the fiber to beautifully show off the color.
  1. Peonies
  2. Cheers
  3. Heartwood
  4. Ruby
  5. Love Letters
    Love Letters
  6. Princess in a Tutu
    Princess in a Tutu
  7. Chariot
  8. Rumpelstiltskin
  9. Sunshine
  10. Frog Prince
    Frog Prince
  11. Talk to Kelly
    Talk to Kelly
  12. Scott's Song
    Scott's Song
Color Gallery Continued
  1. Nimune
  2. Road to Tintagel
    Road to Tintagel
  3. Summer Sky
    Summer Sky
  4. Plays at Midnight
    Plays at Midnight
  5. Fairy Wings
    Fairy Wings
  6. Lilac
  7. Lord and Lady
    Lord and Lady
  8. Empire
  9. New Age
    New Age
  10. Duke and Dutchess
    Duke and Dutchess
  11. Plum Fairy Magic
    Plum Fairy Magic
  12. Seiren of the Sea Light
    Seiren of the Sea Light
Yarn Notes:

Yarn Shopping

CAN I GET MORE  We would love you to get more.  Here is what to consider, dye lots change much faster with indie-dyers and small batch producers.  So, our advice is to match yardage of what you have with your pattern before you start knitting.  We may have it, but we can't guarantee it.

SOLID VS SEMI-SOLID  Color intensity is usually what varies in semi-solid versus a solid.  It relates to the handmade versus machine done application of color.  However, each artist has different techniques that create individual looks - including looking very purposefully solid or not solid.

COLOR REPEATS  The answer is swatch it!  Like many indie-artists, we are always being creative, trying new things, experimenting with color.  We bring consistency to our customers in our quality and care, but our color work is what brings your back.  That may mean a color might repeat in a few inches on one, a foot on another and a few yards on a third.  And, everyone's' stitch tension, needle size, pattern or project could be different.  So, it is impossible to tell a head of time, will something pool, or stripe, or be random -depending your desire and interest.

ARE ANY TWO THE SAME  In a sense the answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no.  This is because, we can do a lot to make two skeins exactly alike, they get the name "same dye lot" if they were in the pot together.  However, an artists' dye pot is a pretty magical, magnificent, and mysterious place.  And, sometimes "exactness" is in the eye of the beholder - even with the big manufacturers. 
     Indie artists have a cool thing over the big manufacturers; it is that no matter how much they try to reach into our territory with more choices, they still have to produce massive quantities at a time.  We inidie artists, have immense, in fact infinite, number of possible color-ways, yarns, and presentations.  It is at the core of what makes it so special to buy and work with indie-dyed hand done yarns.

What does that mean?

COTTAGE MILLED   We want you to know when something has truly been produced here, in the USA, as an  artisanal product.  In cottage mill spinning the yarn is spun by machines, but just like wheel spinning; the machine is an extension of the person running it.   Expertise and craftsmanship makes a huge difference. 

FARM GROWN   This means we know the animals that grew the fiber for your yarn personally.  Usually because they live on our farm, but they may also be on friends farm too. This is not purchased from the internet and repackaged.

INDIE DYED  This is the heart, personality and essence of our persuits.  Yes, everything is dyed by Karen. 

MARLED  Is the technical term for a yarn that has one ply in one color/fiber and another ply in another color/fiber.  You may also hear it referred to as twist, barber-poled, or tourney.  (Tourney comes from the French for twist.  It is the root of their expressions for tournament, joust, and dance.)

SMALL BATCH  This may have different meanings to different producers depending on what is relative and true for their production.   For us variegated hand dyed yarns are usually 4 pounds or under per batch and Solid color milled yarns are about 8-12 pounds in a batch.  Both of those numbers are extremely small in the grand scheme of producing yarn.  So, all our work is considered "small batch" production.

UNIQUE BLEND  Just as the commercial yarn producers create branded and reproducible lines of yarn, so do some select small yarn producers.  We take pride in our own fiber recipes.  These are based on specific fiber animal breeds, their graded fleeces, and preparation, special ingredients, and processing-- all to achieve the right balance and recipe for something unique and special.

Always feel free to ask a question.